IRM realizes that each Client is different and that therefore his needs will be individual. Clients with international business will have different requirements in different countries even though the product they produce may be the same worldwide. It is because of this that IRM Consultancy Services are tailor made to suit each Client and are undertaken with absolute confidentiality. Our Consultants comprise a diverse mix of nationalities who hail from solid military / intelligence community backgrounds ensuring a vast amount of knowledge and practical experience is brought to bear on all aspects of security concerns. This ensures we are in a position to offer many variations of our security programs to enable the Client to formulate his own policies.

Services Offered

Liaison between the Client and Local Government Agencies.

Contingency Planning for Natural and Man-made Disasters. These plans are kept under constant review and updated regularly to ensure a high state of readiness.

Detailed Analysis Reports on Local Security and other related matters.

Investigatory reporting enabling the Client to effectively plan for future operations.

Due Diligence Investigations.

Security Survey.

Risk Analysis.

Emergency Evacuation Planning.

Crisis Management and Response.

Supervision of Uniformed Guard Forces.

Civic Affairs Programs to assist local authorities and people with a view to raising social standards and attitudes. IRM can provide comprehensive and effective advice on these programs.

Preparation of formal Company Security Procedure Manuals.

Security Design and Architecture consultation for facilities still in the design stage.

IRM Consulting Services

IRM Consulting Services

IRM Consulting Services

IRM Consulting Services