IRM Special Studies Division

Special Studies Division

IRM created the Special Studies Division to provide timely and pertinent intelligence reports for the corporate sector. SSD is manned by competent and experienced staff selected from various government agencies and private entities and have extensive backgrounds in intelligence and corporate security. Intelligence reports compiled by SSD include but are not limited to the following.

Security, Peace and Order Situation
International and Economic Affairs
Social and Political Concerns
Environmental Impact Statements
Country Risk Forecast
Local Area Security Brief
Cultural and Ecological Matters

Tailor Made Reports

Intelligence reports specific to individual client's interest in particular areas.


"Real Time" Advisories

SSD operates a high-tech communications center manned by experienced analysts who monitor local and international events through a network of contacts from the tri-media, law enforcement and business affiliates. Information deemed necessary and essential to the smooth running of our client's day to day operations are transmitted directly through to their cellphone, pager, fax or e-mail. Covered in the "real time" advisories are incidents and developments which are likely to have an impact on business such as:

Labor Strikes
Civil Unrest
Currency Fluctuations
Bank Robberies
Significant Traffic Problems
Brown-Outs (cause and corrective steps)
Weather Warnings
Political Activities/Pronouncements

When appropriate this service will recommend safety / convenience measures, ie, places to avoid, alternative routes etc.

Community Relations Programs

Translating intelligence analysis into concrete information and formulating cohesive solutions to ensure the success of a venture as well as the safety of those involved.

Background Investigations

Business Partners
Business Competitors

Special Operations

Physical Surveillance
Electronic Surveillance
Electronic Counter Measures
Undercover Sting Operations
Photo Coverage

Our operations are undertaken with absolute discretion and client confidentiality, set in the highest ethical standards and within the framework of all countries existing laws. The SSD supports all of IRM's services thus enhancing their respective capabilities.